Andy Begay


Andy loves the creativity and collaboration in advertising. Whether the project entails a full campaign or a one-off postcard, he knows what it takes behind the scenes to get the job done. Andy is well versed in project management, but has also dabbled in copywriting, proofreading, design and front-end web design. He joined the B Team to make a difference managing projects for large corporate clients such as Sinclair Oil as well as nonprofits like Presbyterian Night Shelter and True Worth Place. Andy has racked up more than a decade of experience in various industries including retail apparel, finance and banking, and several veterinary service providers. He graduated cum laude from the University of North Texas with a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and a major in strategic communications, along with a minor in marketing. He is a member of the American Advertising Federation – Fort Worth and lives in Fort Worth with his cat, Eugene.


  • Andy is a passionate vinyl collector with an uncanny ability to guess the year any song or album was released.
  • Andy was voted Best Dressed in high school (and let’s face it, would be here at the B, too).
  • During the pandemic, Andy took a selfie every day to share on social media. What started out as a bit of a joke turned into a time capsule consisting of 600 photos to record that time in history.