Terri Holland


Terri is a Yorkie/Australian shepherd mix who, at 42 in dog years, is highly accomplished at tricks including shake, circle, “put ‘em up” and rollover. She also enjoys chasing squirrels, begging for scraps and waking up her human, Izetta, at all hours of the night. The two met when Izetta came down with an extreme case of dog deficiency and skipped an astronomy class to visit a small animal shelter outside of Commerce, Texas. When the shelter owner suggested Izetta meet a dog in the back, Izetta said “Sure!” and it turned out to be the best passive response of her life; it introduced her to her best furry friend.


  • Terri has the stinkiest breath you’ve ever smelled.
  • Terri’s roller derby name is “Tear ‘em up Terri.” No word yet on how she learned to roller-skate.