Lola Hough


Lola Hough is a border collie/boxer mix rescue with extensive experience sitting, lying down, rolling over and playing dead. She can also shake hands, but only when you ask her in Spanish. Lola’s dad Jordan adopted her when he was in college and she was about the size of his hand. After an all-nighter studying for a history test, he waited three hours at the shelter for the chance to adopt her, then had to rush back to UTA for the test. Lola is now a regular at Four-Legged Friday. When she’s not following Jordan around the office, she enjoys yoga (mostly “downward dog”) and feet.


  • Lola is quite energetic and soft-furred for her age of nearly 77 dog years – probably due to the grass-fed butter she eats.
  • Lola will rub up against you and purr like a cat (though it comes out as a growl).