Ellie Glover


Ellie is a highly accomplished Maltipoo at age 21 in dog years. She can play fetch, tag and hide-and-seek; can run and dance on her hind legs; and knows the commands for “bring me your toy” and “go to the couch.” Ellie’s human, Bethanne, spent months looking for an apricot Maltipoo. She found Ellie online one night and didn’t let the late hour discourage her from calling the breeder immediately. It was worth it – Bethanne was first on the list and soon got to take Ellie home. Now, Ellie enjoys a relaxing life sunbathing, dreaming of blueberries and annoying her dog-brother, Benji, by sitting on him, pushing him off the couch and stealing his toys.


  • Ellie loves watching Olivia Benson on “Law & Order: SVU” – when she was a puppy, she would stand on her hind legs to be closer to the TV when Olivia came on the screen.
  • Ellie was named after Eleanor Dorcus Pond, one of the founding members of Bethanne’s sorority.