Benji Glover


Benji is a poodle mix who can jump really high on all fours like a frightened cat (don’t tell him we said that). His human, Bethanne, similarly jumped into adopting him. After seeing a photo of him online, she rushed to the shelter and filled out his adoption paperwork before even seeing him – to keep anyone else from claiming him first. It was a little risky, but it was Bethanne’s birthday, so she figured it was destiny. Benji was malnourished and covered in mange when she got him, but he turned into a sweet and happy dog. His hobbies include anything to do with tennis balls, being held like a baby and keeping one paw on his human at all times.


  • Benji will give you a “side-eye” if you take away one of his toys or try to move him while he’s sleeping.
  • For the entire first month in his new home, Benji wouldn’t let go of his tennis ball except to eat.