Why Your Ad Agency Should Also Be Your PR/Social Media/Production Agency

Our world has changed.

Snapchat. Mobile apps. Billboards. Google AdWords. Community events. Think about all the thousands of very different ways to reach the consumer in today’s multifaceted, tech-driven, fast-paced marketplace. Our world becomes increasingly complex every day – and so does your marketing strategy.

So why make it more complex than it has to be?

Picture this conundrum.

It’s not uncommon for organizations to divide marketing roles among different agencies – working with traditional ad agencies for branding, print and broadcast needs; with film shops for video; social agencies for social media; and PR agencies for public relations. The list goes on.

But here’s the conundrum with a siloed approach: What if you segmented your own team into separate entities – each individual or group working to accomplish their own subgoals without ever coming together to tackle the big, overarching ones? Would your team be as effective separately as it could be if unified?

Silos become especially tricky when you consider them in terms of marketing. Each agency recommends whatever their specialty happens to be (a traditional agency pushes traditional marketing; a digital agency pushes digital). Plus, each agency is ultimately marketing their own words, their own pictures, their own interpretation of your brand to your target audience.

Separately, they might succeed. But together, does your story truly resonate? And how much are you spending to cover all your bases?

Is it crazy to think a single agency might be able to help you with all of it? 

“What if all your communications tactics were developed by one team who knows your brand inside and out?”

If we could rearrange the alphabet, we’d put U and I together.

What if all your communications tactics were developed by one team? One team who, being familiar with every communication channel (traditional, digital, PR and more), didn’t simply push whichever one channel they knew best, but put their heads together to determine the outlets that would best benefit you. One team who knows your brand inside and out, who has the capability of seamlessly integrating messages across multiple channels and platforms – from digital advertising to PR to film to social. How much more impact would those messages have when disseminated in complementary ways – so your audience reads, watches, hears and engages with one unified brand story over and over again?

The world is complicated; your marketing strategy doesn’t have to be. Partnering with a single agency that can do it all means less coordination, less time you don’t have, fewer conference calls, more integrated and streamlined messages, deeper agency relationships, and greater ROI.

Why be good when you can be great? See how we develop integrated campaigns that make a difference for our clients every day.

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