Which Social Media Platform Is Right for You?

Some brands get so excited about social media that they start opening accounts on every platform you’ve ever heard of. But every platform takes time and effort, and it’s better to select only the platforms where you’re likely to find your target audience. Before creating a social media account for your brand, it’s important to identify your business goals, the target market and how you’ll measure success.

Business Goals

“Conversions” are the most common measure of success for businesses online, and those come in various forms. Conversions can be classified as a visit to the website, an online purchase or a visit to a store – but your chosen conversion should always be based on your organization’s overall business goals.

Target Market

Identifying the target market is key to selecting what social media platforms are right for a business. For example, if you’re trying to reach women ages 18-25, then you might want to choose Pinterest over LinkedIn. It’s also important to consider the product you’re marketing, to decide if visually driven platforms like Instagram or YouTube are a good fit.


Know what metrics are important to your success, and use the analytics on each platform to track them. Followers, impressions, clicks and shares (retweets, repins, etc.) are some of the metrics we frequently look at for clients. Tools like Po.st and Hootsuite shorten links, track the number of click-throughs, and make it easy to pull reports.sorry didn

Which platform is right for your business? Use this graphic as a starting point.

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