Real Ways 3 Different Generations Stay Fit

Wellness Month: the time every year when we come up with new ideas to inspire our employees to improve their lifestyle. So often, we get stuck in our routines and busy schedules. And to be honest, every generation in our office struggles with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

It made us wonder, how do different generations view overall wellness? How do they make it a priority? So we surveyed three employees, each representing one of the three generations at Balcom – baby boomer, Generation X and millennial. Here’s what we found.

Alan – The Baby Boomer

Alan leads a healthy lifestyle with a few easy steps that mostly include portion control. Since the 1970s, with the introduction of processed foods, our portions across the board have increased as much as 138 percent. So when Alan goes to a restaurant, he and his wife typically split an entrée. You could also ask for a to-go box with your meal. Alan also likes to add more vegetables to his diet for excellent filler without the calories.

Another simple way Alan stays active in a busy work environment is by walking to someone’s office to discuss business, versus calling or emailing. We’ve all been guilty of being tethered to our laptops or smartphones, but according to the Harvard Business Review, live conversation improves communication when trying to resolve conflict or relate important business decisions.

Carol – Generation X

Carol, like Alan, tries to stick to eating clean and portion control; but for this busy creative director, the key to success is consistency. A regular exercise routine keeps her on track, and a personal trainer helps hold her accountable. The beauty of having a trainer is that you have your own cheerleader who’ll also teach you to exercise effectively and safely.

Carol also enjoys activities that take her outdoors: biking, hiking or just going on a walk. Do any of these with a friend, significant other or canine for the perfect combination.

Zach – The Millennial

Zach says his pescatarian lifestyle helps him stay on track. He also has another tip that keeps him well in a more soulful way: As our office music guru, Zach always has great recommendations for tunes outside the radio mainstream that’ll lift your mood and improve your focus. Although there are many differing opinions out there, Dr. Sood at the Mayo clinic says music without lyrics works best to help you regain concentration. So, next time you feel like you’re in a creative block or your mind is wandering, try listening to an instrumental playlist for 15 minutes to half an hour to get back in the zone – like this custom playlist Zach put together.

“When Alan goes to a restaurant, he and his wife typically split an entrée.”

4 Tips for Every Generation

All three B’s said the same thing about their greatest obstacle to wellness: Being drained due to a demanding workload. Here are a few tips that can help you stick with it.

  • Cater to your likes and dislikes – Find something you love to do! Research and experiment. What did you do to stay active in your childhood?
  • Make a schedule and stick to it – Think about when you schedule a meeting with a friend, client or co-worker. It would be rude to not show up, right? Make it a priority to yourself no matter what. We promise, you’ll feel better once you’re there.
  • Choose a workout that can be done anywhere – Do you travel often? That’s OK, there are a plenty of apps out there that help keep you on track. YouTube can be your best friend for short, effective workouts.
  • Choose something over nothing – Last but not least, you don’t need an hour, or even 30 minutes; we all can find 10 minutes in our day. Try a high-intensity interval training circuit. You’ll tone muscles and increase your heart rate at the same time!

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