Marketing Secret Sauce? Nah, Just the Powerful Combination of Insight, Creativity and Technology

At Balcom, we believe great marketing is a marriage of art and science; where fearless ideas, elegant design, penetrating research, complex technology and steely results live happily ever after. Maybe even in a castle. 

That’s why we approach every project from three different angles:


  • We start by learning as much as possible about our clients, their competitors and their audiences. This is where we combine research and analysis to develop a winning strategy.
  • We take advantage of any existing research – things like industry reports, satisfaction surveys and awareness and perception studies – and we often recommend even more.
  • We also talk to our clients’ employees and poke around in unexpected places, like website and social media analytics, search volumes and email metrics.


  • We develop concepts that will grab attention while always hitting the target. 
  • The work can involve storytelling, humor, gaming, neuromarketing techniques – whatever works best to win over the hearts and minds of our audience to reach our goals. 
  • This is where our designers, writers, developers and digital specialists create the ads, websites, applications and experiences that connect people to brands; and where our PR pros and social media managers deliver earned media, amplification and engagement.


  • We look at emerging trends for the most efficient and effective ways to deliver our clients’ messages, from Facebook-integrated apps to mobile video.
  • Using things like predictive modeling, Google Analytics, social media analytics, and PR monitoring tools such as Meltwater, we track everything that can be tracked. Clicks, calls, web hits, registrations, applications, sales, donations, likes, shares – we methodically measure the who, what, when, where and how. 
  • Using this data, we make adjustments to the plan – creative, media, etc. – to get results that take our clients from good to great.

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