Marketing Begins at Home

As marketers, we put untold time and energy (not to mention dollars) into courting and keeping customers. But what about taking care of our own? Study after study has shown that engaged employees create bigger bottom lines. And just as advertising plays its part in closing the deal with customers, so too does it have a key role in internal – aka business-to-employee (B2E) – communications. Here are five tips for optimizing your internal marketing mojo.

  1. Come together: Internal communications was historically seen as the HR department’s job, but as employee engagement becomes more important, it’s crucial for all involved groups to get on the same page. Not only does it ensure consistency, but it also brings together different perspectives and pools resources.
  2. Get creative: When it comes to concepts and tactics, don’t give internal communications short shrift. You’ll spend less to distribute materials (no postage on interoffice mail!) so you can devote more resources to brainstorming unique ideas that will cut through the clutter.
  3. Be honest: Sometimes, employee communications involves bad news: benefits changes, budget cuts, even layoffs. Don’t sugarcoat or try to position bad news as anything other than it is. Instead, express a sense of empathy and communicate how the company is working to mitigate any fallout.
  4. Don’t bury the lead: One of the key tenets of marketing is telling people what’s in it for them. The same philosophy applies to B2E communications. Any changes in an organization’s structure or processes will affect all employees, so you want them on board. Be sure to foreground how these changes will benefit everyone at the company (without violating #3).
  5. Spread the love: Recognition goes a long way, and with the rise of social media we now have more ways than ever before to show our appreciation. Use internal emails, external social platforms and office common areas to give shout-outs to jobs well done.

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