I was going to be a writer

I was always going to be a writer.  My grandfather had his published short stories edited by Carl Sandburg.  My Auntie Lynn, after whom I was named, was the first female copy editor at the Star Telegram. I started my Girl Scout troop newsletter, was editor of the McLean Cardinal Clarion and spent two years on the yearbook staff at Paschal High School.

I arrived at the University of Texas Arlington as a journalism major.  And when I had enough credits under my belt to get a job on the Shorthorn staff, I was ready.  Unfortunately, the only staff position available was in ad sales.  So I took that and paid for my entire senior year of college writing and selling classified ads.  

I graduated into a dismal economy and took the first job I could that was vaguely related.  As a media buyer at Pier 1, I wrote insertion orders.  And as my experience in media and production grew, my writing ambitions were pushed by the wayside.  Sure, I wrote an occasional memorandum or media plan.  And as an account manager, I wrote PowerPoints that sold strategies to clients.  I decided I was really more of an editor.

But I haven't been a 'writer' in years and years.  So when the B-Team Interactive Department said that a personal blog would be available on the new Website, I was petrified. The prospect of a blank page scares me, but I'm also a little bit excited by the prospect.  

Maybe I'm going to be a writer, after all.

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