How to drive traffic to your website: Twitter

While we know Twitter can be a useful tool for job hunting, crowd sourcing and keeping current with industry news, it may also serve as an opportunity to drive traffic to your website. How? Follow these five recommendations to find out:

  • Choose a smart handle
    Your Twitter username has influence on search engine optimization (SEO), which translates to how close to the top of a search results list you appear in a search engine like Google or Yahoo!. If you're a business, consider using a keyword in your Twitter name, like @MarketingProsCA. If you're a professional, try using your full name or a portion of your name, such as @AliJLamb or @LaurenAshleyTX
  • Add your URL to your Twitter bio
    By adding your web address to your bio, you're making it easy for followers or potential followers to visit your site and learn more about you or your business.
  • Add your contact information to your Twitter background
    In addition to your URL, you can also add other pertinent information such as a phone number, specialties or a list of awards you or your business have earned.
  • Compose tweets rich with keywords
    Before you begin tweeting, identify a short list of keywords that relate to your business and/or industry. When tweeting your own content, consciously use those keywords to help increase its searchability.
  • Add social sharing buttons to your website
    For many sites, adding social sharing buttons is a simple and effective way to quickly boost pageviews and sharing stats. Not sure how to add these? Follow Mashable's easy How To guide.

With just a few simple steps, even a novice Twitter user can utilize the social microblogging service to drive more traffic to your website and help exceed your goals for 2012.

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