How To Choose an Email Marketing Service

Choosing an email marketing service can be overwhelming – the list is long and the options plenty. The first step should be creating your email marketing plan (don't worry, it's not set it stone). Knowing an idea of what you plan to do will quickly narrow things down.

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3 questions to ask when choosing an email marketing provider:

  1. How much does it cost?
    Fees are based on two criteria: the number of subscribers in your list or the number of emails you send. Reference your marketing plan here to see which approach will be the most cost effective for you.
  2. Do the email design tools match your skill level?
    Even the most experienced HTML programmer chooses to use a template once and again. If you are a novice at HTML (or specifically programming for email), find a service with user-friendly email templates you can customize for your business's campaign. This is important, unless you enjoy pulling your hair out.
  3. Which reporting and measurement features will you need?
    Make sure the service you choose has the reporting capabilities you want and need to track. Also, email marketing is moving more towards a "test and revise" strategy and A/B testing is a great way to see which email approach works best before sending to your full email list. Not every email service provides these capabilities, so make sure you check before making a commitment.

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