Going Gold: How to Tap Into Your Organized Side

Do you have tons of ideas, but trouble executing them? Do complex projects bore or overwhelm you? Do you often feel like you’re scrambling to finish things at the last minute?

Organization, planning and time management are all qualities of a particular personality type, which under the True Colors spectrum is called “Gold.” Bright Gold personalities get a lot of glory, especially in an office or managerial position. But what if you struggle in those areas? What if rules and routines seem stifling and strict to you?

Even if Gold is your palest color, you still have those qualities inside you and you can learn to tap into them when you need to. So try these tips to help you get more done, faster – and have more time for unplanned fun.

“Bright Gold personalities get a lot of glory, especially in an office or managerial position.”

True Colors Tips: How to Tap Into Your Gold Side

  • Consider when your Gold is brightest. Think about a time when you have been most focused, organized or on-routine in your life. What were the surrounding circumstances? What was the outcome? Can you recreate that environment?
  • Think about a Gold personality you admire. What do you like about them? What value do they bring to your work and life?
  • Eat the frog. This saying means you should start every day by figuring out the hardest task you have to do and then doing that task first. It’s a great way to fight procrastination – and free you up for more fun things.
  • Think of the how before the what. You can create your own process if you don’t like someone else’s. Say you have a giant presentation. Rather than staring at a blank PowerPoint presentation, wondering what to say on Slide 1, take a step back and ask yourself how to approach the project. That might mean gathering more information, or outlining your main messages, or brain-dumping all the ideas you have into a document first.
  • Use the “Rule of Three.” Ultimately, organization is about simplifying large amounts of information by dropping them into buckets or categories. But to you, this may actually seem to complicate things (“Why do you need to write out every little step? Just get it done.”). The Rule of Three helps you organize while keeping things simple. What are our top three goals for this project? What’s our three-part strategy? What three steps do I need to take?
  • Use a timer. Tasks can be overwhelming when they seem endless. Set a timer for 10 minutes and take on a small organizational project – e.g., organizing your desk. It’s easier to motivate yourself to start something when you know you only have to do it for a few minutes.
  • Start small with a routine. Routines help reduce decision fatigue, freeing up time and energy for more fun stuff. Practice by picking one easy task to do every day: something short, like five minutes of journaling, or long, like 30 minutes of walking. Try to do it the same time each day; set a reminder alarm on your phone.
  • Bonus tip: Involve a pet in your routine for extra motivation. For instance, your dog will remind you it’s walk time if you take her with you every day. Your cat will remind you to take your medicine if you give him a treat whenever you take it.
  • Set alarms before meetings. Have a meeting? Set an alarm or notification for 10 minutes beforehand and use the time to read up on any materials related to the project.
  • Make an effort for the bright Golds in your life. Even if you have trouble getting in touch with your “Goldness,” you can help other Golds by defining your expectations concretely, providing a structured environment (e.g., where they understand when to show up and who to report to); asking them to take on tasks that require detailed planning; and understanding their stress comes from disorganization.

This is part of a series on how to tap into your entire spectrum of personality strengths. Check out the rest of the series so far.

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