Finally, a Valentine worthy of my heart

I would not consider myself a forward girl when it comes to matters of the heart, but this Valentine's Day that will all change. I'm officially professing my love for MailChimp.

As the primary email service provider we use for our clients, MailChimp has been courting me for a while. He just stands out from the rest and has proven himself worthy to be my Valentine.

Just a few characteristics that make MailChimp so special:

  • Ambitious - MailChimp looks toward the future and is always trying to better himself. He's constantly updating and evolving to make himself a forward-thinker in his career and the email marketing industry.
  • Intelligent - MailChimp is smart. He stays in the know of the newest email trends and topics. Thankfully, he is clever enough to keep me educated as well through all of his online resources and guides. 
  • Great to my Family and Friends - MailChimp makes it easy for my family and friends to love him too. Every encounter is a breeze with simple email subscriptions, updates, and unsubscribes.
  • Listener - MailChimp always listens to my relationship concerns and along with his customer service team tries his best to solve my problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Sense of Humor - MailChimp makes me laugh. His light and clever tone makes talking with him the highlight of my day. He also shows me he cares by sharing funny comments or videos he came across. Just a little something to make me smile during those busy work days.
  • Caring - MailChimp cares about making our relationship the best it can be. What girl doesn't love to analyze a relationship? He is open and offers up reports to let me know what is and isn't working for us. 
  • Attractive - Simply put, MailChimp is good looking. Just take a look at his website:

I love you, MailChimp! I know we will continue to grow our relationship to make it the best it can be.

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