Eight P’s and Q’s to Follow for Every Office Party

At Balcom, we know how to party. Try four holiday shindigs between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It's a great time to let your hair down and celebrate a year of hard work. But even at an ad agency, there are unwritten rules about how you should handle yourself. Follow these guidelines at your next fancy work party to keep your professional reputation … professional.

The Do’s

Mind your P’s, please.

  • Do attend. Don’t be a Grinch. Think of it as an extension of work. Be punctual, but don’t feel the need to make an entrance.
  • Do dress for the occasion. Keep it classy. Avoid ugly Christmas sweaters, light-up Santa neckties and wardrobe malfunctions. We’re sure you could rock the latest t-shirt in your famous collection, but throw a blazer on over it – or save that stuff for non-work-related events.
  • Do socialize and mingle. You may not regularly hang out with everyone you work with – some offices can be downright cliqueish – but don’t ignore Joyce in payroll. She processes your paycheck. Make an effort. Say “hello.”
  • Do thank your boss. Money, time and effort was put forth to ensure staff enjoys themselves. The event is to reward you. Please don’t leave without expressing gratitude.
“If you take pics of your co-workers, do not post without OK’ing it with them.”

The Don’ts

Mind your Q’s, thank you.

  • Don’t overeat. Be sure you have a bite to eat before the party so you aren’t famished when you get there. Yeah, that’s real crab, Gary. Leave some for the rest of us.
  • Don’t overdrink. Please be mindful of your limit. One too many glasses of wine, and you might make an inappropriate joke. You might accidentally bring up politics. You might end up telling your boss you love him, or otherwise.
  • Don’t talk work all night. Yeah, the latest project kept you up for weeks, but do not drone on and on to your co-workers about all the extra work hours you had to put in to complete it.
  • Don’t keep your phone in your face all night. If you simply must post an update on your social media, be sure you don’t do it mid-conversation with someone. And if you take pics of your co-workers, do not post without OK’ing it with them.

That’s it! Follow these guidelines and you should be safe to celebrate. Time to party!

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