Christmas in July: Balcom’s Holiday Social Experiment

In the blistering July heat, it’s nice to look back at the hallmarks of the holiday season: feelings of nostalgia, acts of kindness – and cooler weather. At the B, we’re looking back at our annual tradition, Balcom Days of Christmas. In 2016, the intern team was responsible for organizing the weekly December events, and we decided to bring new meaning to the celebration with some community outreach. We chose an animal theme to relate to our “Four-Legged Friday” culture, and Balcom Days of Christmas: A Holiday Tail was born.

We introduced the giving-back portion as a social experiment.

What would happen if B’s were given $100 to give back to the Fort Worth community in any way they chose? We dubbed this idea “Pet Projects,” and split the Balcom employees into three teams to collaborate. Inspired by our four-legged friends and their unconditional love for mankind – and maybe by the project theme – all three teams decided to put dollars toward helping animals alongside people-focused charities, like SafeHaven.

A fourth team, “Purrduction,” filmed moments during giving-back days and, of course, the parties. Check out the three videos below to cool your heels and warm your heart.



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