Balcom Introduces the Brand-New B

The world is changing every day – and so is the way people interact with it, with each other and with brands. We haven’t survived to serve you by staying still or by being one thing. We’ve evolved as you have. And it’s time our brand reflected our reality.

The Power of “And.”

We started 25 years ago as a little shop with one account executive and one art director at a card table.

We’ve grown into a full-service agency with folks in writing and design, video production and web development, social media and media planning, analytics and more.

Together, we’re able to think deeper, bigger and broader about your brand and how you can reach your audience along the multi-tasking, omni-channel superhighway that today’s world has become.

So our logo is more than just one thing now, too – offering all the endless potential of “and.”

  • You and us. More heads are better than one. We break down silos between creative and account, production and development – agency and client – to collaborate with all the great minds around us.
  • Yes, and. There’s a rule in improv comedy to never dismiss what your partners begin, but to build on it instead. This is the kind of expansive thinking that fuels our creative process and our ability to adapt.
  • And then some. The work doesn’t end with pretty pictures and powerful words. We always push that much harder to tell meaningful stories, create immersive experiences, and then track everything that can be tracked to continually optimize for exponential results. That’s the power of and.

Put and to work for your brand.

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