Bad Web Review? 3 Tips for Handling It

Negative comments. They’re something every brand, company and even person has had to deal with at one point. Sometimes they offer a legitimate critique that needs addressing; sometimes they’re just bombarding you undeservedly.

Not sure how to handle those naysayers? We have a few tips to help you B ready.

1. Create a customer response process.

Plan ahead of time so you can move quickly when a negative situation arises, whether it’s in the media or on your website or social media pages. First, assign roles:

  • Who will be monitoring customer feedback across the web?
  • If a serious situation arises, whom should the monitor consult with? This might be a small team of people – more heads are better than one.
  • Who can authorize a customer refund or a discount, if needed?
  • Make sure you have emergency contact information for all these people.

Next, work through any potential questions or comments you can think of, both positive and negative, and draft sample responses for each of them. Establish which situations your monitor can handle by themselves, and which ones require them to consult with the team.

2. Don't delete the negative comment; address it.

We always recommend replying to comments, whether positive or negative. If the negative comment is something you can easily solve, use your customer service team or process to do so. If it's a lengthier discussion, reply with a polite request to move the conversation offline.

3. Encourage positive stories and comments.

Most internet users are used to encountering “haters” and “trolls” online, so they probably won’t hold a few negative comments against you – as long as there are tons more positive comments. So whether it’s asking for customer reviews after a product purchase or inviting fans/followers to share stories and feedback with an official hashtag, find ways to encourage your customers to talk positively, and then share it. Feature positive reviews on your website, or share positive social posts to your channels. And don't forget to thank the poster when asking for permission to share their post. 

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