Am I Old?

I work in an office with young people.  Talented, on the cutting edge of technology, what’s happening now young people.  I’ve always been someone who embraces the new technology. 

I learned enough of the MS DOS commands to get around and do what I needed on my first few computers.  I was one of the first of my contemporaries (even first among most much younger) to get Internet access, get a cell phone, build my own web site and get a My Space (then Facebook) and LinkedIn account. When technology came knocking, I answered.

I knew when the day came that I didn’t embrace the new technology I would officially be “old.” Not ready to retire old, just too old to care about adopting the latest, greatest what’s happening now…whatever that may be.  I would define the day that happened as the day I turned “Old,” and I’ve always avoided that moniker at all costs.

I think it has finally happened though…I’ve finally rounded the “I’m Old” corner. 

What caused this?  Twitter!

I just don’t “get” Twitter.  Why would I care what someone is doing at any point in time?  Who has the time to tell their “followers” what they are doing, and why do the “followers” care? 

Have I reached the point where I am officially “old” or am I just skeptical of the long-term success of Twitter?  Will Twitter prove that I am indeed old by not adapting to this new phenomenon or will Twitter show it is only a flash in the pan and I am still able to discern between the truly innovative technology and the fads? Only time will tell.  Until them, call or email me if you want to tell me something, but speak loud and use a large font, because I might be old.

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