7 Ways to Boost In-Store Sales This Holiday Season

The biggest shopping season is just around the corner, and retail competition is stiffer than ever, especially with more consumers gravitating to online shopping. Fortunately, there are several ways a brick-and-mortar store can attract more customers and keep them shopping longer.

  1. Make it match. When you’re decorating for the holidays, be consistent. Décor that follows a single theme looks classier and is easier on tired eyes. 
  2. Less is more. Choose minimal decor with big imagery, and keep things organized and clutter-free; you want to free up space on your sales floor to accommodate those crowds. It’s not easy finding the perfect gift when you’re being jostled by a hundred strangers.
  3. Think outside the dangler. One way to save space is to get creative with your décor – not just with danglers and end caps. Think about window clings, rugs and door signage, too.
  4. Highlight top-sellers. Attach ratings or customer reviews to products in the store. This gives your customers the confidence to buy a product they might not know much about – without having to look it up on their phones.
  5. Add some competition. Run sales contests for your team to push top products. Offer a $5 bonus for each top product they sell, or enter your best salespeople into a drawing to win something big.
  6. Offer a gift with purchase (GWP). GWPs are always good for holidays – an extra incentive for customers to choose you over a competitor online or next door.
  7. Feed your guests. Your shoppers are tired, stressed and probably hungry. A few snacks and drinks can give them an extra boost – and keep them in your store longer. 

How are you preparing for the holiday rush? Tell us in the comments.

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