7 Questions to Ask Before Hitting Send

Questions to ask before sending your next email marketing campaign: 

  1. Is my subject line too long?
    The sweet spot is to stay between 28-39 characters. The rule-of-thumb is to stay under 50 characters.
  2. Does my email message and design address “What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?”
    Starting with the subject line to the call-to-action, every aspect of the email should let the subscriber know why they should read your email and clearly explain what you want them to do.
  3. Does my email comply with the CAN-SPAM act?
    By law, every email campaign must at the very minimum include an unsubscribe link and a physical mailing address.
  4. Am I allowed to send to this email list?
    The FCC also states you are only allowed to send to an email address if they have “opted-in” to the list and given you permission.
  5. Does my email look good on major email programs?
    Most popular email programs:
    - Desktop — Outlook and Apple Mail
    - Web-based — Outlook.com, Gmail and Yahoo
    - Mobile — iPhone and Android
  6. Does my email still make sense when the images aren’t shown?
    Many email programs will block images. If your message is delivered without its images the message will be lost, and likely deleted.
  7. Am I making it easy for people to recognize me?
    - Include your brand in your from line.
    - Include your brand in the subject line, if relevant.
    - Include the company logo in the top-left corner so it’s seen first.

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