5 Ways Busy People Can Stay Fit - and Motivated

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, and Balcom’s getting into the fun. But staying fit and making healthy choices is not always easy, especially when you’re working long hours – and when most of those hours are spent sitting.

Here are some simple tricks to get in the groove and commit to better habits.

1. Find a friend.

#BwellYou’re not the only one battling catered lunches, a lot of sitting, and very little time for outside activities. Find someone and buddy up to keep each other accountable. It’s a lot easier to get out of bed at 6 a.m. for a workout when someone else is counting on you to show up.

2. Mix it up.

Have fun trying new kinds of workouts! Our client ZYN22 offers a refreshing take on cycling that will keep you coming back for more. ClassPass is a great way to try a huge variety of workout classes in the Metroplex without having to pay full price for each one. From CrossFit and barre to cycling and yoga, ClassPass has it all. It’s also available in cities across the country.

3. Join a club.

If you like running or bicycling, consider joining a club near you. Clubs are a great way to meet people who are passionate about the same things you are, and to hone your talent through community events and training programs.

4. Commit to a goal.

Working out can be less of a chore if you’re training for something specific. Is a 5K or a half marathon on your bucket list? Stop talking about it and sign up! Make sure to research a training timeline that’s feasible, and set realistic goals.

5. Go beyond exercise.

Carve out time to take care of you, be it in the gym or some other way that helps relieve stress. Something as simple as starting a meal plan can save you money and keep you from eating out every day. Health and wellness is an investment in you, so set aside some time to plan for success.


What’s your favorite way to stay healthy and fit?

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