5 Office Décor Tips to Make You Happier and More Productive

It's Monday. Again. The smell of days-old coffee hangs in the air. You walk slowly, reluctantly through the office, still hoping you might wake up from this dream and realize it’s actually Saturday. As your desk gets closer and closer, you begin to dread the work ahead. You're feeling uncreative, uninspired. How can you be expected to deliver in such a mood?

You enter your office and put down your things. The light green walls are welcoming, and you inhale the comforting scent of the lavender diffuser in the corner. Taking off your coat, you see the framed photo from your family vacation in Canada several summers ago. You sit, looking around your small space, and begin to feel at ease.

Several studies have shown that the space you’re in changes your mood and can promote creativity and productivity. It's an art that the Chinese have been practicing since 4000 B.C. Feng shui anyone?

“The space you’re in changes your mood and can promote creativity and productivity.”

At Balcom, each workspace matches the B’s personality. From Pitch Perfect’s giant golden “Hello” to The Architect’s collection of big-headed Star Wars figurines, having stuff we love at the office makes us all love the office a little more. So in the spirit of modern-day feng shui, we thought we’d share some tips for crafting a workspace that will boost your mood and focus.

1. Surround yourself with things that make you happy 

There is a theory claiming that collecting things you like will help increase creativity and positivity (even if they don’t match the décor). Does the handmade frame around the photo of your dog clash with the rest of your desk accessories? Does your niece’s stick figure drawing not complement your band posters? Have no fear, because according to the psychology of collecting, they could still be brightening your day and spurring your imagination. #goodvibes

Adding figures to make an office feel like home

2. Make a leafy new friend

Decorating your office with plants also boosts your creativity and productivity, giving you something nice to look at while also reminding you that there is an entire world out there. Plus, you and your plant can take turns exchanging oxygen and carbon dioxide.

3. Remember: Color is everything 

Color affects our mood more than anything else. Paint your walls low-wavelength colors, such as a light green or a light blue to help with focus. Avoid red, which is distracting and has been shown to decrease performance (and make you angry).

4. Put candles or diffusers in your office 

Like objects, scents can bring back good memories. Lucky for you, almost everything has been made into a candle scent. Do you like the smell of a freshly cut lawn? There's a candle for that. Do you want your office to smell like the basement of your frat house in college? There's a candle for that (although we can't imagine how that one helps productivity).

5. Choose the right chair

Choosing a chair is like choosing a significant other; it supports you – literally – during your struggles, and holds you up during your moments of genius. Put thought into choosing your chair. Ask yourself: Would you bring it home to your parents? Would you swipe right? Make sure you find something that can keep you comfortable for hours on end – maybe even a stool if you opt for a standing desk.

People often joke that their workspace is their home away from home, but it actually is the place you spend the second-biggest chunk of your time. Create a space that makes you feel almost as comfortable as you feel at home (maybe leave behind the stuffed animal you've had since you were a baby) and that helps you be your most productive self. 

Blog Author: Balcom Agency writer

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