4 Reasons You Need an Agency That’s Google AdWords-Certified

When someone Googles your product or service, does your brand appear in the results? If it does appear, do they click on it?

A well-crafted Google AdWords campaign can make a huge difference for your brand, and to have a well-crafted campaign, you’ll need an agency that understands Google.

Balcom Agency is proud to announce our new status as a certified Google Partner. This means you’ll have a Google AdWords–certified professional running your advertising campaigns. We also have a Google support team behind us to ensure optimal campaign performance and adherence to the latest best practices – an advantage less than 10 percent of agencies with the Google partnerbadge can claim.

As a Google advertising partner, we (and, by extension, our clients) now have access to:

  1. Ongoing support to improve the performance of new and existing AdWords campaigns. We have a weekly call with our account strategist to review performance and help identify areas of potential growth for each of our clients.
  2. Dedicated consultancy on new campaigns to help create the best strategies for your brand. This includes access to the latest sector trends, insights and vertical data Google has exclusive access to.
  3. Early access to Google’s newest beta features. Balcom has the ability to test and use new Google features and applications up to a year or more before they are available to the general public.
  4. Continued education designed to increase AdWords mastery and widen Balcom’s overall agency expertise, so we can continue to offer you the very best of Google advertising.
“A Google Partner has the ability to plan, execute and optimize your digital marketing holistically.”

In addition to joining the Google Partners program, Balcom has earned a specialization in search advertising – the area our clients can benefit from most. Our goal as an agency will be to continue to add specializations as our clients branch out into more of Google’s advertising products (specifically mobile, video, shopping and display).

Balcom is also certified in Google Analytics, so we can track how people use your website to find more effective ways to push them toward a purchase or other important website actions. And with combined certifications in both Google AdWords and Google Analytics, it means we have the ability to plan, execute and optimize your digital marketing holistically. We can see what people are typing into Google to find you, which ads they’re clicking, which pages they’re visiting, how long they stay and so much more. This all works together to help us maximize your brand’s influence at every level.

See our Google Partners profile for updates on our specializations and more.

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