4 Reasons This Ad Agency Hosts Websites with Pantheon

Have you ever wondered where your website lives? Let’s think about this for a moment: Every website, every piece of text, image, video, song or file has to live physically somewhere … right?

In short, yep! Without making it too complicated, the internet is a really big network of interconnected computers, or “servers,” that store, or “host,” information. Web browsers just make it easy to connect to these servers and find the information you need.

One of the services Balcom offers is hosting of the websites we build. It’s not required with every project, but it makes it a whole lot easier for our team to provide technical support and relieve the client of any of that work.

Balcom’s web team recently decided to switch our hosting service after we attended DrupalCon this past spring. DrupalCon is a conference specifically geared towards web design and development teams that use Drupal, Balcom’s favorite content management system (CMS). Drupal gives us the freedom to build anything our clients need, and it’s simple for clients to use. But like any CMS, it has specific needs. So when we met the team at Pantheon, a hosting service that specializes in Drupal, we were pretty excited. After several demonstrations and a few phone calls, we moved from our previous host over to Pantheon. They made this easy on us and on our clients – and with zero downtime!

How does that affect you? Good question. As our partner, Pantheon takes care of several problems we had with our previous host and even improved some processes we had internally.

“We can make large changes, updates, new site sections, or even whole new sites in a separate server without interfering with the live site.”

How Pantheon Helps You

  • Multi-development environment
    This might be a bit of a mouthful or too techy for some. However, this is a really exciting part of Pantheon. Multi-dev environments let us make large changes, updates, new site sections, or even whole new sites in a separate server without interfering with the live site. Once the buildout is complete, we just push these changes to the live site and they merge together with ease. This also helps us catch any issues that could take a site down, before it ever hits the live site. In short: less downtime.
  • Vetted updates
    Because Pantheon’s support team works in Drupal every day, they are constantly watching for vulnerabilities and security updates. Our previous host did not have a dedicated Drupal support team, so this is a huge advantage when security problems or critical updates come around. Best of all, they also support WordPress, which means our WordPress updates are watched very closely, too!
  • Better security
    It’s no secret that we’re concerned with your website’s security. Pantheon offers great security features tailored to our setup and focused on potential vulnerabilities in Drupal and WordPress. Plus, with weekly backups and multi-environment servers, if something does happen, we can easily restore a version of the site that hasn’t been breached – often with zero downtime.
  • Better support
    When your site goes down, you need to be able to talk to someone to resolve the issue quickly. With Pantheon, we can speak with customer support not only about server issues, but about Drupal questions as well. This means we can bounce ideas or solutions off of someone who’s familiar with our specific server and site setup. That’s huge when it comes to solving problems quickly.

There you have it folks. Better, stronger, faster – what more could you ask of your web server hosting company?

Want Balcom to build and host your site on Pantheon? Contact us. And hey, we design and build websites, too.

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