3 Crucial Rules for Communicating a Merger

Mergers can be exciting. But they can also be scary and confusing. That’s why your strategy for communicating about them, both to your own team and to your customers, is crucial. Here are our top three tips for handling the transition from a marketing and public relations standpoint.

1. Consistent Language. A confident, considerate and consistent brand voice is important for influencing the way your team and customers feel about the merger. They’ll need reassurance that the things they love most about you will stay the same.

  • Merge your messaging. You’re merging two different brands that may have two different sets of voices, visions and values, so work with your PR team to create key messaging that incorporates elements of both. Work with your creative marketing team to evolve your brand voice. Remember: A single unifying tagline can be become a powerful rallying cry.
  • Substantive content, like how your people should prepare for the transition, needs to be concise and consistent throughout all pieces. It will help to have both short and long versions so that, for instance, you can give a quick overview of the most important info on a postcard, then send readers to a landing page for more details.
  • If possible, incorporate familiar images and language from the existing brands to ease your audience into the coming changes.
“A single unifying tagline can be become a powerful rallying cry.”

2. Multiple Touch Points. If there are changes that will directly affect your customers, your message needs to be in multiple places to reach everyone in a timely way.

  • Plan a campaign that integrates PR, digital and print elements such as press releases, talking points, media training, email, direct mail, landing pages, brochures and signage.
  • If the merger doesn’t directly affect your customers, a branding campaign may be all you need externally.

3. Gratitude with a Personal Touch. This might be a tough time for your team and your customers – let them know you understand that. Plan a gesture that makes them feel valued and appreciated.

  • Video is a great way to communicate to your team, helping them put faces to names and feel connected to the process.
  • Make tangible gestures of gratitude to employees (like extra vacation days) and to customers (like coupons or fee waivers).

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