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by eric on January 27, 2015

7 Social Media Metrics You Should Be TrackingAs we move forward into 2015, let’s create one goal for your company: Measure social media success. Wait, let’s rephrase: Measure social media success correctly.

Social media platforms make analytics easy to track. Twitter’s analytics dashboard tracks individual handles (or user names), while Facebook provides detailed information on how people interact with your page and posts.

by jennifer on January 19, 2015

Last month, the Balcom Agency digital team set off on the arduous journey (much akin to the Oregon Trail®) from Fort Worth to Dallas for the 2014 Dallas Digital Summit. Despite low food reserves, the team successfully forded the river and made it safely – although, one member fell ill (luckily, it wasn’t typhoid fever). 

And yet we still find time to have fun

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