Trey Benford


Whether he’s making a playlist or painting a masterpiece, Trey is always looking for new ways to tap into his creative side. Before joining the B Team in 2022, he earned a bachelor’s degree in advertising and marketing from the University of Oklahoma and interned for VI Marketing and Branding. Now he helps create the perfect media mix for clients, including Smith+Nephew and more. Hailing Houston, Trey currently lives in Oklahoma City with his dog, Syre, and is working to complete his MBA from Louisiana State University Shreveport. He enjoys playing video games, watching movies, playing chess and reading books.



  • Trey is passionate about connecting with others and has a superpower of making people feel seen and heard when talking to them.
  • Trey loves listening to all types of music (especially R&B and rap) – but hates hearing the sound of two balloons touching each other.

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