Nadine Landis


Nadine has a knack for optimizing her clients’ campaigns. Even before graduating with her Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Mississippi, she won Best Media Team in Senior Advanced Campaign Planning. She went on to serve clients including the American Shrimp Processors Association and the White House Hotel Biloxi as a marketing assistant at The Focus Group. In February 2019, Nadine came to Balcom, where she coordinates media for Aspens Senior Living, Dairy MAX, The PARC and more. She is certified in Google Search, Google Mobile and Google Analytics. In her spare time, she enjoys dancing and is training to become a yoga instructor.


  • Nadine danced competitively from ages 3-17 and has won national awards. In college, she was a member of a semi-professional dance company.
  • Nadine used to work in a restaurant where Morgan Freeman was a regular – and he once sang to her.

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