Mary Eskander


Mary serves up smart strategies for her clients thanks to a well-rounded career. She’s a big believer in stepping out of her comfort zone to learn new things, from a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in creative writing and media at Hunter College, to account and project management experience at companies including G2 Direct & Digital, Merkley+Partners, Erwin Penland (now known as EP+Co.), Buxton and TAG. Now Mary brings skills learned working with brands including Aetna, AARP and Alcon to serve Smith+Nephew at Balcom. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she lives in Keller with her husband, Mina, their three boys, and over 20 pets (most of them are fish).


  • Mary has been active in church throughout her life, mostly working with kids. She’s recently graduated to administrating the young adult ministry in the Dallas-Fort Worth Coptic Orthodox community.
  • Though she veered away from writing due to chronic writer’s block, Mary is confident she could finish a novel if she just had a spare evening (reading, not writing one).

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