Mary Eskander


Mary serves up smart strategies for her clients thanks to a well-rounded career. She’s a big believer in stepping out of her comfort zone to learn new things, from a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in creative writing and media at Hunter College, to account and project management experience at companies including G2 Direct & Digital, Merkley+Partners, Erwin Penland (now known as EP+Co.), Buxton and TAG. Now, Mary brings skills learned working with brands including Aetna, AARP and Alcon to serve Smith+Nephew (Advanced Wound Management) at Balcom. Originally from Brooklyn, New York, she lives in Keller with her husband, Mina, their four kids and over 20 pets (most of them are fish).


  • Mary has recently started honing in on her DIY skills by making homemade soap, lotions and scrubs. And experimenting with her own ice cream flavors.
  • Though she veered away from writing due to chronic writer’s block, Mary is confident she could finish a novel if she just had a spare evening (reading, not writing one).

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