Madi Grace Schaefer


Madi Grace has a passion for photography and an eye for design. Drawn to the visual nature, variety and excitement of advertising, she joined the industry to develop creative concepts for clients. Madi Grace earned a Bachelor in Fine Arts with a major in graphic design from Texas Christian University and interned for Warren Douglas and 6th Ave Homes before joining the B in 2022. Born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi, she now lives in Fort Worth and enjoys spending time with her fiancé, going for long walks, and thrift/vintage shopping.


  • Madi Grace is an identical twin and, just recently, got married to a fraternal twin. Talk about double trouble!
  • Madi Grace is the queen of fashion dupes. To get trendy looks for less, she mixes and matches similar pieces or revamps older outfits she found at the thrift store.
  • Madi Grace wears socks religiously. When she’s not sleeping in them, she’s either wearing socks that don’t match or one sock inside out.

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