Logan Gonter


Logan loves to get his brain cranking on a tough problem. Not only does he always ID the murderer on prime-time crime dramas, he’s got a head for detecting the special data sauce that earns results for clients. Logan graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance and worked for clients including Borden Dairy Company before joining the B Team in 2020, where he serves clients such as Kubota Tractor Company. Originally from Tyler, Texas, Logan now lives in Fort Worth with his German shepherd, Othello. He enjoys cooking, weightlifting and keeping a meticulously clean workspace.


  • Logan, whose parents are both in the medical field, originally went into college as pre-med before he realized the numbers game was more his jam.
  • Logan once interned/lived on a resort, during which time his dog learned how to open doors and went roaming around the resort for hours.