Holly Hoenke


Holly Hoenke finds that the wild world of advertising makes the perfect home for her rocker-slash-accountant persona. She graduated summa cum laude from the University of Texas at Arlington with a Bachelor of Science in accounting, but also loves playing guitar and going to punk shows. Holly has over seven years’ experience in accounting (nine in guitar), having discovered a love for numbers working in her dad’s consulting firm. She went on to run her own accounting business before coming to Balcom in 2021 to handle invoicing and reconciling for clients including Kubota, Cavender’s and Cook Children’s. Originally from Minden, Louisiana, she now lives in Fort Worth.


  • Holly lives with her monstera, Elvira (which a quick Google search reveals is a plant and not a fancy breed of dog), as well as various other house plants.
  • Holly also studied global economics and international management in Barcelona, Spain, during summer 2019.