Gina Hubsch


Gina has both the logistical know-how and the personal finesse to efficiently guide projects from kickoff to delivery, with a Bachelor of Science in communications media, majoring in video production and minoring in psychology. She earned more than 15 years' experience in production and project management, from broadcast television at CNBC to the software platform Brainshark and Texas ad agency Slingshot, serving clients including Susan G. Komen, Petco Foundation and Ocean Spray over the course of her career. Joining Balcom in 2019, Gina keeps the ball rolling for Smith+Nephew, Sinclair Oil Corporation, Hippo Sak and more. Originally from Massachusetts, she now lives in Grapevine with her husband, Jason, and their daughter, Scarlett.


  • Just as she can pack countless tasks into a project, Gina can pack basically anything into a suitcase. It may not be under the weight limit, but that suitcase will close. Coincidentally, she also kills at Tetris.
  • Gina and her husband were almost elementary sweethearts – they first met in third grade.

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