Daniela Otero


With a passion for the art of communication, Daniela joined Balcom in 2018 to help brands such as RSI, RAZ Imports and Norman Regional Health System build relationships with their consumers through social media and other digital channels. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in strategic communications from the University of North Texas, Daniela launched her career at OCG+, working with clients including Child Care Associates and the City of Fort Worth, earning awards including a 2017 Worthy Award for Multicultural PR and a 2017 Davey Award for Outstanding Brand Social Campaign. Originally from Cali, Colombia, Daniela now lives in North Fort Worth and is working to complete her Master of Business Administration.


  • Daniela is also skilled in English/Spanish transcreation – the process of adapting a marketing message from one language into another while preserving tone, meaning and context.
  • Daniela is involved in her community through Gateway Church and regional professional organizations such as ColorComm.

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