Ashley Woodring


Ashley was introduced to graphic design in high school but fell in love with the technical side of the trade in the prepress department of her first job at a Fort Worth label company. There she honed her attention to detail and passion for producing high-quality artwork, going on to build a 17-year career as a senior production artist, graphic designer and art director. After working for companies such as Lewis Label Products, Contemporary Communications Inc. and M2W Inc. with brands such as MetroPCS, The Vitamin Shoppe and Galbani Cheese, Ashley freelanced for four years at Balcom before officially joining the team in 2021. She holds an associate degree in digital imaging and design from Texas State Technical College and a bachelor’s degree in business administration and management from Tarleton State University. Born in Fort Worth and raised in Santo, Ashley lives in Hudson Oaks with her husband and two daughters.


  • Ashley loves concerts and used to write and take photos for a music review website. She’s been in the photo pit for George Strait, Snoop Dog and Korn – just to name a few.
  • Ashley is really good at fitting stuff into small spaces, including dishwashers, suitcases, multi-page Kubota mailers and more.
  • Ashley’s so polite that she habitually apologizes ­– even when she’s done nothing wrong. And if you find that bothersome, she’s very sorry.

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