Scout Moore


Scout Moore will coordinate your barketing efforts while chasing down rabbits, squirrels and other small creatures. At age 49 in dog years, she’s also an expert in core skills including sit, stay and lie down. As a sheepadoodle – which probably means she is part sheep, part doodle – Scout is composed of happiness and curly white-and-gray fur. She shepherds her human, Dillon, around the office on Fridays while collecting pettin’s from all the B’s. Despite looking and behaving rather like Nana from “Peter Pan,” Scout gets her name from Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mockingbird.” In her spare time, she enjoys eating and sleeping.


  • Scout is quite poised, always crossing her paws when she lies down.
  • Dillon’s twin sister, McLean, has another sheepadoodle named Atticus.