Milly Rattikin


Milly Rattikin was a 21st-birthday present for her human, Hilary. She came with all the official Cavapoo paperwork from a reputable breeder of Cavapoos (Cavalier King Charles spaniel + poodle), yet Hilary is convinced she is actually a King Charles + cocker spaniel mix. At age 14 in dog years, Milly enjoys working as a creative consultant and stress-reduction specialist at Balcom on Four-Legged Fridays. In her spare time, she enjoys snuggles, walks, car rides and especially beach trips. Her chief career goal is to sit in the lap of her human at all times.


  • Milly may have a future in practicing law, as she is great at finding loopholes in rules – such as scooting around the room on her cushion when she has been told to stay in bed.
  • Milly has her own doggie car seat so she doesn’t climb into Hilary’s lap on car rides.